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The Lodges at The Ranch Groundbreaking

Texas Engineering Solutions participated in the groundbreaking event for the new addition of six buildings to the Marbridge Foundation’s campus, encompassing 35,000 square feet of carefully designed living quarters and enhanced healthy spaces for Marbridge Ranch residents, which took place on Thursday, January 18th.

The Lodges at the Ranch’s key features include:

  • Four individual housing lodges; 12 resident capacity per lodge, totaling 6,700 square feet each.
  • A separate recreation and activities center for Ranch residents.
  • A more inclusive home-like setting, offering single occupancy rooms, complete with sitting areas, social areas, a kitchenette, and quiet spaces.
  • A well-appointed space with more natural light and modern amenities, providing more privacy while still offering a sense of community.
  • Barber shop, meeting room and training facilities.

Texas Engineering Solutions is pleased to be civil engineering consulting firm for this milestone project. Our team members who participated in the groundbreaking ceremony were Project Manager, Judy Anderson, P.E., FPM, and Civil Designer, Corinne VanVliet.

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Newsletter: TES Fall 2017 Update

Designing Central Texas Communities

We offer comprehensive, concept to completion planning and design services
in land development engineering for commercial and residential properties across Central Texas.

A top minority-owned business

We are pleased to once again secure a top spot on the ABJ list of firms owned by ethnic minorities. The list is open to any business that has headquarters in the Austin area

and is at least 51% owned by an ethnic minority. Although certification is not required to be on the list, we are proud of our HUB, DBE, MBE, and TxDOT SBE certifications.

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CodeNEXT 2.0 Unveiled

CodeNEXT 2.0, the second draft of the rewrite of Austin’s land development code, was released Sept. 15, and  is open for public comment until October 31st.
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Employee Spotlight

Jordan Zylberberg joined our team first as an intern this January and then came on board full-time as an EIT in June of this year.

Learn More about Jordan Here



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Employee Spotlight: Jordan Zylberberg

Jordan Zylberberg joined our team first as an intern in January of 2018 and then came on full time as one of our talented E.I.T’s that June. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and later moved to Austin, Texas with his family when he was 8 years old and without knowing any English. Jordan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Water resources and environmental engineering are his big passions.

Learn more about Jordan:

What first interested you in engineering?
I got interested in engineering in my Algebra 2 class in high school (nerd, I know) because we were using equations to make cool shapes on our calculators. It amazed me that math could be used as a modeling tool for so many different things.

What project are you most proud of?
I am most proud of West Cypress Hills. I got to design some cool pond structures and it was a great learning experience.

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do?
My favorite hobby is playing guitar. It really helps me reduce any stress I might have in my life. I also love to travel and have been lucky enough to go to a lot of amazing places with friends and family.

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CodeNEXT 2.0 Unveiled

Draft 2 of CodeNEXT is open for public comment until October 31st. This updated version of the City of Austin’s Land Development Code simplifies the many zone categories after feedback from Draft 1.

Other Updates include:

  • more allowances for residential development
  • removal of “transect” and “non-transect” corridors
  • simplified site plan requirements to help move along permitting for projects that are smaller, such as 3-9 unit residential developments

Since the new code aims to increase the total number of housing units, residents are concerned about the influx of traffic in areas likely to be redeveloped into higher-occupancy units. The City hopes to add 135,000 new housing units by 2025 with 65,000 of those for families earning less than the median family income.

The Austin City Council kicked off their Open House series last Wednesday at City Hall. Representatives from CodeNEXT were on hand to answer questions.


What’s Next:

Fall 2017 – Open Houses

November 2017 – Draft 3 (Final) to be released

January 2018 – Deadline for Zoning and Platting Commission to make their recommendation to City Council

April 2018 – City Council to approve final version


To review Draft 2 and make public comments, visit the City of Austin website.

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Stephen Delgado, P.E. named a Civil+Structural Engineer 2017 Rising Stars

Stephen DelgadoStephen Delgado, P.E., has been selected as a Civil+Structural Engineer 2017 Rising Star.

This sixth annual Rising Stars in Civil Engineering and Rising Stars in Structural Engineering recognizes 29 professionals, 40 years old or younger working in the United States, who have shown exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, effective teaching or research, or public service benefiting the civil and structural engineering profession, their employers, project owners, and society.

Learn more here:

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Stephen Delgado, P.E. named an ENR Texas and Louisiana’s 2017 Top Young Professionals

Stephen DelgadoStephen Delgado, P.E. has been selected as an ENR Texas & Louisiana’s Top Young Professionals for 2017. Formerly ENR’s Top 20 Under 40, this revised program honors a max of 20 honorees in each region and only accepts award entrants aged 40 and younger.

Firms from across the region submitted approximately 50 entries into this year’s contest—from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. These individuals are then judged by an independent judging panel based on three primary criteria: industry experience and education; career and industry leadership; and community service and involvement.

Learn more here:


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Texas Engineering Solutions Celebrates 7 Years in Central Texas

After outperforming the nation for four years, Texas entered 2009 with its economy mired in recession. Unfazed and confident of forthcoming revived economic growth, Stephen Delgado, P.E., Hank Smith, P.E., and Mark Vories opened Texas Engineering Solutions (TES) in May 2009 with the mindset of: “diligence and purpose for our clients and our community.”

Specializing in land development consulting and civil engineering services for both public and private sectors, TES is celebrating 7 years of success providing a complete range of civil engineering, utility and infrastructure design, planning and land development services in Central Texas.

“We attribute our 7 years of success to understanding our clients’ unique project needs and recognizing the design constraints for all aspects of the project,” said Delgado. “We realize the best solution exceeds our clients’ goals, complies with the regulatory constraints and is constructible with the least amount of disturbance to the natural environment.”

Texas Engineering Solutions’ team is equal parts engineers and draftsmen; all of whom are committed to the betterment of the Central Texas community. TES’ licensed engineers have over 80 years of combined experience in the field; plus, special certifications in erosion and sediment control (CPESC), floodplain management (CFM), and leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED).

Texas Engineering Solutions understands the importance of investing in its community and participates in philanthropic programs every year.

“We are extremely excited by timely, accurate and innovative consulting services and design solutions our team continue to produce and are thankful for the loyalty of our clients. Our focus for the future is a steady growth strategy that allows us to continually reinvest funds in infrastructure, technology, and most importantly, our people,” said Delgado.

Featured in the Austin Business Journal’s Business Anniversary Special Section – June 10, 2016

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Texas Land Sales Up

Both number of sales and prices up by double digit percentages.


According to the Texas Small Land Sales Report released on June 3, 2016, Texas small land sales were the strongest segment of the Texas real estate market in 2015, with double-digit increases in both sales and price per acre.

“Despite sluggish performance for Texas’ agriculture and oil-and-gas sectors, Texas land sales continued to be incredibly strong in 2015,” said Leslie Rouda Smith, chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors. “As our state’s population and economy have continued to grow, so has the number of Texans looking for getaway homes or development opportunities.”

Charles Gilliland, economist with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, explained that these increases are likely due to a shortened supply of prime land, not a decline in demand, as Texans increasingly view land as a wise investment.

“Investing in Texas land can yield higher returns than traditional investment options,” Gilliland added. “More Texans are purchasing land for recreational purposes or a vacation property, knowing that if they sell in a few years, there’s a good chance they will see a strong return.”

Smith concluded: “Whether for weekend getaways, recreational properties, small farming to large ranching operations or commercial developments, there’s no shortage of uses for land tracts in Texas. At the same time, strong land sales activity and development during the last few years has begun to impact inventory and the quality of land available for purchase.”

To see the full press story, click here.

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Support 1x per week watering for Austin

If you’re over 30, you may remember a time when lawn watering entailed dragging a hose around the yard at dusk. If you’re like us, you did this as a chore and didn’t realize that using the hose was one of the most water conserving ways to irrigate lawns and trees. As Austin grew, and irrigation systems proliferated, the city began using significantly more water to keep the same landscape areas green. But over the last several years, we all cut back to once a week watering. Our lawns did not suffer, and we conserved a lot of water — enough to fill Lake Austin every year!

Austin City Council is considering a proposal to limit outdoor watering with automatic irrigation systems to once per week on a permanent basis.

Austin is ready for this. We’ve learned from the drought and should prepare for the next one. It’s the smart thing to do. Our rivers and lakes are ready for this. Our pocketbooks are ready for this and we need to get behind this effort.

Austin has always worked to protect and enjoy its water resources. We have already reduced water use by 8 percent with one day per week watering for several years. We are a city that takes our water supply seriously. We do not waste this precious resource. Austin also has a beautiful natural environment. It is a city of trees and inspiring landscapes that can grow with one time per week watering and has been since 2011.

One time per week watering does not mean that every front yard has to be rocks and cactus. There are countless options for landscapes that are designed for this climate; they may need additional water at certain times of the year and in certain climatic conditions. Landscapes that are beautiful and make sense for our climate can thrive with one time per week watering.

There are programs in place to help Austinites conserve water and more will be developed. One example is the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin’s Sensible Landscapes program, which responds to Austin’s need and desire to conserve water. The program provides new homeowners with a variety of landscape options, all of which conserve water and are drought tolerant. Homebuilders are providing this option in new subdivisions throughout Austin. In addition, the Sierra Club and other organizations are working to educate water providers all over Texas about water conservation best practices to give water providers the tools they need to be successful.

Austin’s population has doubled roughly every 20-25 years for the last 100 years, and there is no doubt that growth will continue for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the amount of available water does not grow at the same rate, so we have to do everything possible to protect that limited resource.

Water conservation has a powerful financial benefit for Austinites. It delays and can even eliminate the need to seek more expensive sources of water. If we can use the water that we already have as efficiently as possible, that puts money in our pockets. It will extend our current water supplies, enabling us to meet the needs of a growing population. If we plan well, we might also leave just enough in our rivers to support recreational uses, as well as fish and wildlife habitat. That is something that we can all get behind.

We believe our community has learned from the drought that gripped this region for several years. No matter how much it rains, the next dry day could be the beginning of our next drought. Are recent rains a blip in our long-standing drought? We do not know the answer to that, but we do know that using less water today makes our community more resilient when drought comes, whether it appears today or tomorrow.

Austinites deserve a lot of credit for sticking with one time per week watering for the past four years. The savings have been significant. We can keep it up.

Using water efficiently, regardless of the current weather or drought condition, is the way of life in Central Texas. Let’s set the pace for the rest of Texas on water conservation by adopting this important water-saving practice. Hats off to Austin for leading the way.

By Jennifer Walker and Hank Smith – Special to the American-Statesman

Jennifer Walker is the Water Resources Program Manager for the Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter. Hank Smith is one of the owners of Texas Engineering Solutions and a past president of the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin

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RECA Calls for Minimum of 15,000 More Housing Units Each Year

City policies need to encourage more supply, diverse housing types to bring prices down

Citing population growth that is outpacing its initial projections, RECA has revised its call to action to produce more housing to tackle Austin’s affordability crisis. We now believe the city needs to produce a minimum of 15,000 new housing units every year for the next decade to keep up with demand and create stability in the housing market.            …

“It’s clear to us and our members that the current level of housing production, while significant, isn’t going to be enough,” said RECA President Ward Tisdale. “Because demand is outpacing supply, we’re still seeing escalating rents and sales prices for homes in neighborhoods throughout the city. We’re clearly in danger of losing much of what makes Austin so special by pricing our friends and neighbors out of town.”

To see the full RECA Press Release, click here.

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