TES believes that its employees should not only give back to the community they live in but should also be active members and take leadership roles in local organizations and associations. It is our belief that this active participation keeps us on the forefront of pending rules changes and other policy changes made by the regulatory structure in which we work.

We feel that by being active in these roles we can work with the various regulatory entities to ensure that the rules and policies they establish can be met by our clientele. It is important for us to understand the regulatory system and to be able to engineer our projects within that system to the benefit of our clients.

To this end, TES currently holds membership and is actively involved with the professional organizations listed below. We believe that these organizations provide a conduit for us to learn from those that regulate our practice, as well as to educate those that regulate in regards to what it takes to provide engineering services and develop successful projects.

ACEA – Greater Austin Contractors & Engineers Association

HBA – Home Builders Association Greater Austin

TSPE – Texas Society of Professional Engineers

AYC – Austin Young Chamber of Commerce

RECA – Real Estate Council of Austin

CAECN – Capital Area Erosion Control Network